The Love Bottle


I’ve posted this spell a few times already, but it really does work quickly and well!

The Love Bottle Spell:
You will need a jar/bottle (a small one), some water (spring, tap, rain, whatever), rose quartz, vanilla extract, a drop of your own blood, a strand of your own hair, and any of the…

Heart Candle Spell


This will draw a certain someone to you. You’ll have to have someone specific in mind when you do this spell. You will need:

  • a heart-shaped candle (if you have to, take some leftover wax and mould it into a heart shape; it doesn’t have to be big)
  • something to carve with (you’ll have to carve…

Working with Familiars 101


Okay, so you have a familiar- great! Now’s the fun part- working your craft with them.

Safety first!

Whenever working with an animal familiar- the first and most important thing to consider is their safety. Things I always consider when working witchcraft around my animal friends are:

  • Is…

So my head is killing me on and off today.. seems to come in waves.. but yeah, no college for me today, fuck that hour long journey when I have some unpredictable head stabbings

Instead I think I’ll carry on with my pot pourri making and paint a pretty picture or two in between the seering waves of pain

Juniper's Recipe for Kicking Out A Cold


You know those head colds that stuff you up so much that you forget what it’s like to breathe normally? The ones that no amount of tissues and neti pots can get through, that keep you awake in frustration?

Kick that crap out of your sinuses with a little spicy remedy, a…